Beacon Falls, Beacon

Beacon Falls is a pretty waterfall located in Beacon and is a perfect symbol of the resurgence of Beacon.  This area of town was once a major industrial area early in the 20th century.    Once the industries shutdown, the area became ugly and rundown.  However Beacon is making a big comeback in the last three or four years and Main St in Beacon is now one of the liveliest places to visit in the Hudson Valley today!  Main St Beacon is now filled with amazing restaurants, boutique shops, and brilliant art galleries.

Beacon  Falls is located  on the east end of the Main Street.  It might be small, maybe ten feet, but it is surrounded by stunning beauty all around. Abandoned rail tracks and a small park on one side and the beautifully restored buildings of the Roundhouse on the other, the waterfall is provided with a perfect backdrop by the towering Mt. Beacon. The falls are part of a series of small waterfalls along the Fishkill creek that is capped off by the Tioronda Falls a couple of miles downstream in Madam Brett Park before it joins the majestic Hudson River.

The falls are easy to see from the road and there are a few street parking spots right next to it. A couple of the restaurants on main street in Beacon provide beautiful view of the falls as you dine.  The views from the Roudhouse restaurant and patio (open seasonally) offer stunning views of the falls as you fill up your tummy.  Recently installed lights  provide a different looks and vibe to falls when you visit at night.  For those that love to see squirrels in action, the park next to the falls is a must visit.  I don’t think I have seen a higher density of squirrels anywhere else in the world!  It is pretty to visit anytime of year but like a lot of places in the Hudson Valley, it is special to stop by during Fall.




To find the parking lot, plugin in 532 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508 into your GPS.  You should be able to see the falls from the road and can park in one of the numerous street parking spots in the area.



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