Dennings Point, Beacon

A cool little peninsula in Beacon sticking out in the river offers visitor’s some nice hiking trails, a peaceful cove, awesome bird watching opportunities.  Part of the Hudson Highlands State Park, Dennings Point provides a nice trail loop that highlights the industrial past of Beacon.  There are still remnances of old factory buildings in a few spots around the park.  One of my favorite photography spots in the park is the view of an old abandoned railway track curving towards the soaring Hudson Highlands in the background.  The park is also home to the Beacon Institute, a non profit institution that studies the effects of the waterways.  Finally this park is also one of the best bird watching spots in Beacon.  It is not uncommon to spot Herons and Eagles soaring above.  There are also a beautiful mile long riverside trail that connects Dennings Point with Long Dock Park that I would highly recommend visiting!


To find the parking lot, plugin in 140 Dennings Ave, Beacon, NY 12508 into your GPS.  There is plenty of parking available here.  The parking lot is oddly located next to the Beacon Sewage Treatment Plant.  From the parking lot walk towards the train tracks and you will see the entrance for the trail.


Trail map

History of Dennings Point

Beacon Institute

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