Madam Brett Park, Beacon

Located in the city of Beacon is another Scenic Hudson gem.  Madam Brett Park houses the beautiful Tioronda Falls and offers a short trail along the Fishkill Creek leading to the Fishkill Marsh.  This is yet another former industrial site in Beacon that has been transformed into a beautiful area to connect with nature.  It is amazing to observe the history of Beacon by just following the Fishkill Creek!

From the parking lot, if you head east you can get to Tioronda falls in a minute or two.  The falls are a series of mini cascades.  The falls are beautiful in all seasons and it is almost like visiting a new place in each season.  Roaring in the spring, lush green in the summer, colorful in the summer, and a winter wonderland in the winter months!  There are a variety of spots to watch the falls from.  As you walk along the trail, you will first spot some steps that take you down to the creek.  This is a nice spot to see the creek and usually spot the some fish & birds.  If you continue along the trail, the next stop is a pedestal like area where the trail ends and you get a view of the falls from high above.  If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can continue to walk across the spillway, climb up a ladder and take in the best view of the falls and the creek!

The marsh is a wonderful place to catch colorful sunsets and watch a variety of native and migratory birds.  The Marsh is about a half mile round trip stroll from the parking lot.  Just walk towards the old brick building and follow the trail along the creek til you see a small path on your left.  The path will lead you a small platform from you can relax watching the sunset.



To find the parking lot, plugin in 552 South Ave, Beacon, NY 12508 into your GPS.  The parking lot can only hold around a dozen cars but I have rarely seen it get filled up.


Scenic Hudson’s Madam Brett Park page

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